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Wedding services are available upon request. We are able to host weddings (see cost & building use information below), and the minister is able to officiate a marriage at another setting. This ministry comes at no charge for church members.

Joe's Wedding

For non-church members, costs are as follows:

$250 for sanctuary (wedding only)

$300 including fellowship hall (wedding and reception)

$50 for use of sound system and sound technician

$100 honorarium (gift to minister or to the church)

$250 deposit (returned following event provided there is no significant damage)

Also included are candelabras holding 7 candles each (10-12 inch dripless candles), 8 isle candles, unity candles and holder, kneeling bench, and flower baskets.

Collin's Wedding

Building Use Information:

1. A building host, who is a member of the church, will be provided for support. The host will unlock and lock the building, adjust thermostats, and answer any questions you may have.

2. The church building is a non-smoking facility.

3. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the building or outside on the grounds.

4. Children will not be left unattended in the building.

5. All food and drink shall be consumed in the kitchen and fellowship hall areas only. Food will not be stored in the fellowship hall for more than 3 days. Food items stored in the refrigerator in the kitchen must be marked clearly and dated. Items left over a week will be thrown away.

6. No decorations or signs will be placed on the walls. No tape, nails, or tacks of any kind will be put on the walls or floors. Only dripless candles may be used in the sanctuary.

7. The rooms/equipment/furniture used are to be returned to the same condition as when they were used. Room use: Please wipe off all tables. Clean up any food or trash from floor. (Broom and dust pan may be found in the closet in the kitchen.) Clean refrigerator and stoves after using. If you use the dishwashers, please make sure you stay until the cycle is complete and put the clean dishes away. Please bag and remove any large amounts of trash. Please bring your own tea, coffe, and filters.

8. No rice, bird seed, confetti, etc. will be thrown inside or outside of the building.

9. If you need to use the sound system in the sanctuary, one of the church's sound technicians will assist you. There will be a gratuity of $50 expected for this service.

10. Respect shall be given to the church and the building as a house of worship and prayer.

11. New Palestine Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) shall not be responsible for accident, injury, or damage to any individual, or to the group or its property as a result of the use of the premises. This indemnity shall include costs and expenses incurred with the defense of any claim or proceedings.