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Our Vision: To be and to share the good news of our Lord, Jesus Christ, witnessing, loving, and serving from our doorsteps "to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8).

Our Mission: NPCC (DOC) was born of Godís compassion, therefore we offer Godís compassion. We share the Word of the Lord in ways that relate to real life experiences. We worship in ways that celebrate God and the freedom God provides. We connect with each other in ways that move us from acquaintances to deep friendships. We welcome all to join us on this journey and together we will continue to grow and become more equipped to maximize our potential in the faith. We bring the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to life through services of love.

Our Values: God first loved us and Jesusí arms stretched open wide for us. Because of how our lives have been changed and blessed by Godís love, we seek to share that same love with others. It can be a struggle to understand why Godís Word matters in our lives, so we seek to speak and show the teachings of the Lord in concrete ways that are relevant in the world today. In Christ we are made free of our sins to come together as brothers and sisters without judgment. Although we may disagree at times, we come together in worship and service around our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By drawing upon the strength of our Redeemer we can do all things, and by living the Word of the Lord we can play a critical role in God transforming the world.


Welcome to
New Palestine Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)!

Been judged? (Matthew 7:1-5) Come to a church where judgement is understood as God's responsibility. NPCC is a loving, caring, considerate, and supportive community of faith that may be just right for you.

NPCC is a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We believe that you are free to be the Christian God has called you to be. Meanwhile we celebrate our differences, love each other, and unite as one body in Christ. We are part of a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Hope to see you soon, God Bless You!!!

Rev. Travis Hacker



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