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Deacons are known often as the "hands and feet" of a congregation. This concept comes from Acts and the Epistles as deacons were appointed in the early church. The word "deacon" comes from the Greek "diakoneo" or "diakonos" meaning "servant or one who serves."  These individuals will be cognizant of and believers in the spiritual and scriptural requirements of their special staus as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Romans 16.

The function of a Diaconate member is to serve God through serving the church ans dociety in the name of Jesus Christ. Although motivation for service is on spiritual principles, the actual expression of service may not appear spiritual to the uninformed.

The service rendered by a Diaconate member may be of a benevoent nature, i.e. taking food to the hungry or clothing to the needy. Service by a Diaconate member may seem of another nature, as in the case of repairing damaged church property or assisting a baptismal candidate to be baptized. Typically, the service of the Diaconate involves working with one's hands, with tangibles rather than with doctrine, prayers, and intangible services.

Responsibilities of the Diaconate include:

A. Actual service of ministry to both church members and non-members

B. Preparing and serving at the Lord's Table

C. Ensuring the readiness of the baptistry and baptismal robes.

D. Assisting the individual being baptized

E. Being responsible for the development and carrying out of physical ministry

F. Being a representative on the Board and/or various committees when the need arises

As is the case with elders, deacons are to set a faithful example for all members in the meaning of faithful, obedient discipleship and stewardship